Todd A., Melbourne, FL

As a result of job promotions and relocations, I (along w/ family) have experienced moving over a dozen times in the past 20 years, including locations across Florida, Hawaii & Texas. I can say without any hesitation that Susie and her team at Emerald Residential Property Management provide outstanding service and are as good as you will ever get in the real estate industry, whether you are seeking management of your home as a rental, help with selling it or finding a home to buy or rent should you be looking for a new home.

Upon a job change that brought us to back to Florida, 4 years ago, we found ourselves in a tough position as we had just built a new home. On the positive side, we had 9 months to sell before the new job started. Unfortunately, the market was very soft at that time and we were unable to sell our home with another realtor, besides being listed for over 7 months. Within about 4-6 weeks of our move date, we began to panic, as we feared the expense of having our home sit empty while bills piled up.

As our fear peaked, we gratefully found Susie and her team, upon recommendation by a well respected leader in DFW who knows “the best” in everything local and we switched to Susie and her team. We immediately had several more showings in just a few weeks than we had in the many months prior, but unfortunately needed to move at that point. Susie and her team completely understood our situation and were able to connect us with a wonderful tenant almost immediately after we decided to open our minds to renting our home with trust in ERPM to manage everything …critically important since we would be 1/2 way across the country.

During our rental we experienced the normal challenges as a landlord, from late payments to minor repairs to an entire roof needing to be replaced due to a hail storm. At every turn, ERPM was stellar to work with, which provided invaluable peace of mind.

This past year, after analyzing the market with Susie and our own needs, we decided to put the house back on the market for sale, while our wonderful tenant remained in the property and planning to move on themselves to another location, so timing was good for everyone.

Susie and her team sold our home at the target price we were seeking and were also able to handle all the minor issues/repairs requested during negotiations due to the quality team of talented professionals she has aligned her company with.

Buying, selling or renting a home is the most significant transaction most of us handle on a personal level and I simply give my highest level of recommendation possible to Susie Fitzgerald and her team at Emerald Residential Property Management! The market fluctuates up and down and is out of all of our control. However, we can control who we choose to guide us through that market, and whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent, they are as good as you will ever find!”

— Todd A., Melbourne, FL